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About Us:

David Feldman SA, one of the world’s leading philatelic auction houses, and holder of world records such as the highest price ever achieved for a philatelic item and the highest price ever for a single stamp, opened offices in New York City in 2009 and has been conducting public auctions there under the name David Feldman USA. Now with the opening of offices in Hong Kong, David Feldman has grown into a global philatelic auction house.

Collectors and professional philatelists can expect the Feldman firm’s unwavering commitment to obtaining the maximum possible results through its renowned friendly and flexible customer service, intelligent promotion and presentation, backed by reliable financial strength.

May 19-21, 2011

The auction schedule commences with a specialised catalogue of India on Thursday May 19th. This catalogue features a Grand Prix collection of India used in Burma as well as some spectacular and famous items from the “Koh-i-nor” collection.

The day continues with a comprehensive offering of Egypt, from the early postal history right the way through to the modern imperforates and misperfs. Included in this section is the Fikry collection of Postal Services in the Suez Canal Zone, and a very strong section of Foreign Post Offices in Egypt.

The first day is capped off with a specialised section of Persia, including one of only five unused 1 Toman bronze, and a small section of Middle East.

Friday 20th May begins with a superb offering of Romania with no fewer than 20 Bull’s Heads, with a comprehensive selection all the way to the 1950s. We then have a small and rare offering of Angola with some top exhibition items.

Our France & Colonies section follows in the afternoon, where we have an attractive offering of the classic issues, as well as the “RM” collection of Zanzibar with a selection of some of the rarest stamps of Zanzibar, and the Goron collection of New Hebrides which is probably the largest ever offering from this South Pacific island group.

The final day in our auction series sees the sale of our All-World collections and single lots, which is split into British Commonwealth, Europe & Colonies, and Rest of the World (South America, Asia and a little left over Middle East), with several exhibition quality collections and single items, including an unusual collection of Submarine Mail, a collection of Russian Levant and a collection of Ukraine Trident overprints.

December 6-11, 2011
The David Feldman Autumn Auction Series which will held December 6 to 11 in Geneva offer a really impressive gathering of stamps, covers and collections with 5 specialized catalogues:
- Belgium Collection formed by Anatoly Karpov, the world famous Chess Grandmaster. His Collection has gained notoriety not only due to the importance and quality of the items, but also for its vastness and volume.
- Great-Britain & British Commonwealth including the “Indicus” Collection of fine used King George V
- All World Single and Collections with special sections of Zanzibar, Egypt and Sweden
- Olympic Games including the Loaring Collection Part 3
- Persia featuring the Nezam Ansari Collection - Part 2
April 18-20, 2012
The auction consists of 3 specialised catalogues:
Belgium: The spectacular Anatoly Karpov collection, part II with more than 900 new lots of Belgium and Belgian Congo.
Russian Post in the Chinese Empire: First part of the collection Grand Prix formed by Dr. Raymond Casey (Offices in China Proper, Offices in Mongolia & Sinkiang)
Greece Large Hermes Heads Collection plus an important assembly of 19th & 20th proofs.
September 19-24, 2012

The David Feldman Autumn Auction 2012 contains lots of the following areas:

Russia: Imperial, Soviet & Zemstvos
More than 1000 lots including many of the most important rarities from the classic period with inverted centers, proofs, covers, up to the semi-modern & modern period plus an extensive array of the Zemstvos local posts, general collections and lots.

All World and Collections
Includes stamps and collections from the Middle East, all countries of South and Central America, Airmails, Vietnam, Seychelles, Ireland, Mauritius, Great Britain and Commonwealth as well as overseas plus general collections and lots.

France & Colonies
More than 1000 lots from France and Colonies including a fine selection of classic stamps including the 1849 One Franc Vermillon, proofs and unadopted designs never offered before as well as the best Reunion collection ever formed, plus incredible sections of Zanzibar and Madagascar.

April 9, 2013

Feldman Express online auction dedicated to the Americas held on April 9 at 4:00 pm

This sale offers over 100 lots from the United States, Central America and South America, including Brazil, Haiti, Mexico and so on.

April 9, 2013

Olympics Feldman Express online auction will be held on April 9, 2013 at 2 pm (CET time).

This auction offers over 120 lots of philately and memorabilia with stamps, covers, medals, badges, pins, tickets, postcards and so on.

May 2 - 4, 2013

Specialised Auction – May 2-4, 2013

- Airmails
Airmail collectors will particularly appreciate the comprehensive range of first flights from all over the World, crash mail, Zeppelins, as well as an exceptional collection of 1870-71 “Ballons Montés” and Moulins.

- Middle East with Egypt and Persia
This catalogue presents the 4th and final part of the Ansari Collection of Persia and features more than 400 lots including single lots, dealer lots, postal history, postcards, etc.

The second part of the catalogue is dedicated to more than 500 lots of Egypt including the Keith Pogson Collection of the 3rd issue of Egypt with mint multiples, rare postal history and specialised studies in addition to a fine array of De La Rue and later issues.

June 13 - 14, 2013
September 23 - October 2, 2013
We are delighted to present a exceptional auction, where we will offer 6 specialised catalogues:
  • British Empire with Great Britain and Commonwealth including important Ceylon, Ireland, India and Newfoundland plus extensive specialised and general collections.
  • Europe and Overseas with important Germany and colonies, Portugal and colonies, Romania, Ethiopia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Egypt, USA plus extensive specialised and general collections.
  • France and colonies
  • Russia, Poland and Post-Soviet States
  • Belgium & Belgian Congo
  • Ottoman Empire / Turkey with the second part of the “Sultan” Collection of the Tughra Issue.
October 31st, 2013
December 13th, 2013
Russian Post Office in the Chinese Empire – Dr. Raymond Casey Collection. This third part of the collection will offer the post offices in Manchuria as well as the Chinese Eastern Railways.
Rarities of the World with Valuable Collections and Private Treaty offers. This 17th rarities catalogue will offer an unusually fine assembly of over 110 rarities and valuable collections with a total combined estimate of over € 5’000’000. 37 different countries are represented with strength in China, Cyprus, France, Great Britain, India, Italian States and Mauritius. In addition some outstanding specialised collections of Afghanistan, Belgium, Bosnia, Cuba, Portugal, Serbia & Turkey.
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