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January 25-27, 2012
First Offerings from the 'Sacramento' Collection of Quality U.S. Singles and Plate Blocks
'Amberley' Collection of Quality British Empire and Europe - Final Offerings
'Caldwell' Holding of U.S. and Foreign
'Argonaut' Collection of Worldwide Airmail Stamps and Flights
'Golden Eagle' Collection of Pan Am Flights
'Cantonal' Holding of European Collections
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Februar 12th, 2014
Russian Zemstvo Local Posts featuring a valuable and diverse collection of this interesting area. Many notable singles and sets from each city are offered including a collection balance. There are 186 lots of this seldom offered material in this sale.
Februar 12th, 2014
The “Partridge” Collection of Tristan da Cunha. This collection was formed from two of the most renowned collections on this topic, and contains many scarce and rare items, including unique usages off the coast of China, submarine mail, semi postal commercial usage, censored, destinations, type-written Tristan overprints, Shackleton Expedition, stampless and more.
Februar 12th, 2014
"Fire and Ice": Zeppelins, Aerophilately and the Titanic. This sale features diverse and unusual holdings from the John Phipps, Gerhard Wolff and Thomas Caldwell collections of memorabilia and ephemera. A few of the highlights from this sale include: a facing slip from Oscar Scott Woody, postal clerk on board the R.M.S. Titanic, a crash cover from the 1937 Hindenburg disaster, and an autographed Amelia Earhart cover flown on two solo flights from Los Angeles to Mexico and on to New York. There is extensive airmail postal history including pioneer and record flights, catapult covers and many flown Zeppelin covers. Plus many ephemera items such as a dinner plate from the Hindenburg, film footage of the crash, hull fabric and parts from other famous Zeppelins such as the Graf Zeppelin, U.S.S. Macon, Shenandoah and Akron to name a few. Also included are many photos, paintings, models and toys.