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Conditions of Auction Sale

The following Conditions of Auction Sale apply exclusively for any method of bidding. By bidding in person, in writing or by telephone in any auction, the Bidder acknowledges to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

1. The auction is public and voluntary. All bidding will be in Euro (€), exclusively in the name and for the account of third parties, cash payment being due immediately A sale contract is made directly between the Consignor (Seller) and the Buyer (highest bidder) upon the fall of the hammer. Upon demand of either party, the Auctioneer is legally obliged to name the Buyer and the Consignor. The Auctioneer is under no obligation to accept payment by cheque or by bills of exchange; cheques and bills of exchange may only be accepted on account of performance, and any applicable bank charges are borne by the Buyer.  Generally, there will be no deferral of payment. In exceptional circumstances, individual agreements may be possible provided these are negotiated prior to the start of the auction.

2. The Auctioneer is entitled to enforce all rights of the Consignor relating to the Consignee’s consignments and the sale in the Auctioneer's own name. Commission agents and other persons placing bids on behalf of third parties will be held liable as principle debtors together with the third party if they do not disclose in writing their legal position and authorization upon demand prior to the auction. Any lots bought are sent by mail at the recipient’s expense and risk. The Auctioneer is entitled to exclude persons from the auctions without giving any reasons.

3. The sale will be made to the highest bidder. The Auctioneer, in consideration of the Consignee’s best interest, reserves the right to refuse the knockdown, to withdraw lots, and under special circumstances to re-group lots. The bidding increments (subject to change) are as follows: up to 100,- € = 5,- € / above 100,- € = 10,- € / above 500,- € = 20,- € / above 1000,- € = 50,- € / above 2000,- € = 100,- € / above 5000,- € = 200,- € / above 10000,- € = 500,- €. In case of bids of equal value, the order in which they were received decides. In case of misunderstandings the Auctioneer has the discretion to reoffer the lot. A buyer’s premium of 19 % plus 1,50 € per lot will be added to the hammer price. Any Value Added Tax (currently 19 %) due is charged additionally to the buyer's premium, to any other services (expenses) and the hammer price (currently 19 %), and will be separately invoiced. Any lot which is marked in the catalogue by a cross "(x)" not only the buyer's premium but also the hammer price is subject to Value Added Tax at currently 19 %. The VAT may not be due if the purchased lot is exported and the respective tax pre-conditions have been met. A delivery free of VAT into another EU member state is only possible if the Consignor and the Buyer are businesses within the meaning of Section 2 Value Added Tax Act (UStG) and the value added tax identification number has been made available. Any lot marked by a cricle "(○)", the hammer price is subject to import tax at currently 7 % (non-deductible) if the Buyer is residing within the European Union. Buyers residing outside the European Union will not be charged import tax if evidence for the export of the purchased lots is provided.

4. Knockdown constitutes a binding sale, with it the risk passes to the Buyer; title on the other hand will not pass until full payment has been received. The auction invoice will be due immediately from those bidders personally present at the auction, and upon receipt of the invoice from absentee bidders. Buyers not personally known to us will receive a proforma invoice. If a Buyer is in default of payment, default interest at a minimum of 5 percentage points above base rate is charged; the auctioneer reserves the right to charge higher interest provided the auctioneer can prove such interest rate applies, unless the Buyer can prove a lower interest rate applies. In case of non-collection of purchased goods or non-payment, the Auctioneer may exercise its statutory rights; if the Auctioneer claims compensation, this will amount to 25 % of the hammer price as compensation for lost commission, buyer's premium and other expenses unless the Buyer can prove that the auctioneer's damages were lower. This does not prejudice the Auctioneer's right to claim a higher compensation. Any complaints will have to be made within 10 days of the handover or delivery, respectively, of the lot. Any lots objected to have to be returned in their original condition and with their original lot card. Affixation of examination marks by recognised experts of the BPP or any other certification organisation pre-agreed to by the Auctioneer will not be considered a deviation from the original condition. In exceptional cases and if preagreed with the Auctioneer, the deadline for complaints may be extended by the Auctioneer. The obligation to make payment shall not be affected. In cases of justified complaints, the Buyer shall receive a full refund of the sale price, provided the lot in question is returned. Any further claims are precluded. Lots bought by giving incorrect lot numbers cannot be returned.

5. Any items offered at auction may be viewed and examined prior to the auction. The lots are described with the utmost care; such descriptions, however, do not guarantee or warrant a certain condition. The Auctioneer shall not be liable for any faults inherent in the lot, but shall inform the Consignor of notices of defect if received in time. Floor bidders on principle buy "as seen". Errors arising from the illustrations (stamps, edges, perforation etc.) do not constitute a reason to refuse an item. The Buyer shall have no right to reject lots consisting of collections, accumulations or remainder or lots bought through bids below the reserve price. An individual lot consisting of more than three stamps cannot be returned because of small imperfections to individual stamps. The cost of any examinations initiated by the Buyer after the sale will not be reimbursed. Any claims for damage against the Auctioneer, be it for reasons of delay, impossibility to complete, positive breach of contract, fault in conclusion of a contract or in tort, shall be excluded unless such damage was caused by intentional or grossly negligent acts.

6. The Auctioneer may collect the purchase price and other charges and commence legal proceedings in the Auctioneer's own name. The Buyer has no right of disposal for non-cash purchases made at the auction, in particular with regard to disposal by resale or otherwise, until full payment of the auction invoice has been received. The Auctioneer reserves the right to claim back any items which have not been paid or not been paid in full, respectively, in original condition and with the original lot card, for example where pre-agreed extended payment terms have been exceeded. If acceptance of a lot is declined without legal justification, the stamps in question will be resold by auction or private sale at the Buyer’s expense. In either case, the Buyer will remain liable towards the Auctioneer for any loss of profit and towards the Consignor for any shortfall. The defaulting Buyer has no claim on any surplus earned by a possibly higher sales price achieved.

7. Bids made in writing will be diligently and discretionary executed.. Bids marked „best“, „in any case“ do not carry an absolute right to knockdown. Knockdown is not given on the basis of the highest price bid, but in accordance with the bidding increments. In case of „highest bid“, „best“, „absolutely“ etc. bids will be executed up to five times the value of the opening price. The minimum bid for any lot without reserve ("Gebotslos") is 5,- €. Up to 100,- € it will be knocked down at the highest bid, and above 100,- € it will be discretionary knocked down in accordance with the bidding increments.

8. Consignments on approval may be requested upon receipt of the catalogue for the account and at the risk of the recipient, provided that the recipient guarantees the return of the consignment within 24 hours. In case of a late return, the recipient shall be liable to the full extent of the knockdown price achieved. Lot consisting of mint stamps as well as collections and large lots will not be sent out for viewing. Customers not known to the Auctioneer may be asked to name verifiable references. By bidding at auction or by issuing a purchase order bidders are bound by the Conditions of Sale. These are also accordingly applicable to any business activity entered into with the auction lot outside of the auction.

9. Any claims of any kind against either the Consignor or the Auctioneer shall expire no later than one year after the auction.

10. Place of execution and jurisdiction for all purposes of commercial transaction is exclusively Berlin. German law applies. The regulations of the standard (international) purchasing law do not apply. Should any individual provisions of these conditions become entirely or partly invalid, this shall not impair the validity of the remaining provisions.

02/2014; Schlegel Berliner Auktionshaus für Philatelie GmbH, 10719 Berlin
We accept the following pay options:

By request

Auction Results at Philasearch:
Nov 19-21, 2007
Extensive offer of national and international rarities as well as a strong selection of stamps and issues including specialities from Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Colonies. Additional large section of lots and collections.
June 05-07, 2008
Extensive offer of national and international rarities will be sold in the Hotel Kempinski in Berlin. Included are special sections Switzerland, Liechtenstein, colonies, old German states including varieties, bizone with overprint rarities and much more. Last but not least there is an excellent offer lots and collections.
November 17-18, 2008
Extensive offer of national and international rarities including special catalog the "USAMBARA" collection of rarities of German East-Africa.
May 25-26, 2009
Extensive offer of national and international rarities including the 5th known Audrey Hepburn stamp
November 23-24, 2009
Extensive offer of national and international rarities
May 17-18, 2010
Extensive offer of national and international rarities
October 18-19, 2010
Extensive offer of national and international rarities, e.g. the Jrgen-Kessing-Collection "Marineschiffspost and Marinepost before I. World War", the Rosenheim Collection, a fantastic Crown-Eagel collection with numerous special items, and an extensive selection of Zeppelin covers.
March 17-19, 2011
International auction including specialiced catalogues ottoman empire as well as Zeppelin and Ship-mail.
September 7-10, 2011

"Ottoman Empire", "From the Eagle of the Csar to the Soviet Star", the "Berlin collection of Günter Ballschmidt" containing the 3 outstanding special catalogues, which in addition to the 12.000 lots of the impressive main catalogue will be sold by the Schlegel auction house at Berlin.

The special offer "Ottoman Empire" follows the last impressive special auction.
"From the Eagle of the Csar to the Soviet Star" offers more than 9.000 covers of russian postal history.
The "Berlin collection of Günter Ballschmidt" contains an amazing multitude of philatelic  material which he has gathered during his 50 years of being a serious collector.
Our main catalogue also offers an interesting array of many collecting fields.
The double impression of the "yellow dog", a strip of three Oldenburg no. 1 used on cover, also three China Mei lang Fang miniature sheets, of which one is unmounted mint in a virtually complete PRC collection.

Berlin is always worth a trip!

February 6-9, 2012
Wir können Ihnen zu unserer 10ten Auktion wieder ein breites internationales Angebot präsentieren. Aus Hamburg haben wir einen sensationellen Briefebestand aus aller Welt von 5.000 Stück mit z.T. hochkarätigen Frankaturen hereinbekommen. Dieser wird über zwei Auktionen verteilt angeboten. Desweiteren ist wiederum ein grosses Angebot China enthalten. Auch die Schweiz ist mit vielen Spezialitäten vertreten. Bei den deutschen Gebieten ist eine aufgeteilte Spezialsammlung SBZ hervorzuheben. Hier finden Sie nahezu alle im Michel Spezialkatalog vertretenen Farben.

Mit den Sonderkatalogen „Bezirksstempelaufdrucke“, „Deutsche Marine Schiffspost“, „Fiume“ und dem „Osmanisches Reich“ zeigen wir Ihnen erneut unsere Kompetenz ein Gebiet philatelistisch so aufzubereiten, dass ein optimaler Verkauf erzielt werden kann.

Bitte beachten Sie dieses Mal, dass die Lose vom Sonderkatalog „Osmanisches Reich“ gegen Gebot angeboten werden und in den allgemeinen Versteigerungsbedingungen das Mindestgebot 25,- Euro beträgt.
August 27-29, 2012
Offers standard material and premium philately, amongst others exclusive rarities from all over europe, Brustschild rarities and a very strong part post-war germany.

Additionaly there is a croatia special catalogue with over 1.000 noticeable offers.
December 15, 2012
Special-Auction "Kilimanjaro"

In the special- auction on 15 December 2012 you will find rare and most rare covers from the time of the German Post Offices abroad and of the German Colonies. More than 850 interesting items from Apia till Zanzibar.

An amazing piece of contemporary colonial history with provenances "par excellence" such as Burrus and Boker! "The Queen of German East Africa" you can also find in this extraordinary offer.

You can also take part in our LIVE Auction on December 15, 13:00h MET.
March 19th - 20th 2013
The leading Philatelic auction house in Berlin with it a enormous variety on offer.
Apart from our top Philately lots on offer there are also many items in our middle and lower price segments.
We are
sure the wealth of collections on offer will convince anyone interested.
September 2nd - 4th 2013
The 13th auction is characterized by aerophilately and aeronautics. We are very proud to present the unique and wide ranging Sedlmayr collection.
This collection of an airship-enthusiast consists of more than 2.000 objects, among them rare memorabilia and historical documents.

SCHLEGEL presents special impressive philatelic highlights. Two particulary nice pieces are among the former German colonies: A decorative 1 Rupee with watermark,
the so-called “Queen of East Africa“ on an outstanding piece; and one of the most valueable rarities of colonial philately of  German South West Africa, 25 Pfg. and 50 Pfg.
with overprint “Deutsch-Südwestafrika“on luxurious piece.
The extensive collection section features special philatelic focal points, e.g. rarities of Europe and Overseas, like an Austrian sheetlet of the „Dalai Lama“, unique in its
presentation, and a wonderful Swiss cover with the “WAADT 4“. 
April 4th - 5th, 2014
The 14th SCHLEGEL auction once again offers a rich variety of nearly all collecting areas.  For those who love specialties we have done it again. “Rare and of high quality“applies to all four of our main highlights.

On the first pages of our collection section (Lots 300-457) you find the rare Baden and Overseas' reference collections from the provenience of the late stamp expert Georg Richter (1874-1960) which had been untouched since his death. The reference collection “Baden” was mentioned in several contemporary press articles and impresses with more than 1.000 postmarks from Achern to Zell, ranging from postmarks on fragments to superb strikes on original stamps. The Overseas' collection is characterized by its diversity of the period approximately 1843-1940 and important parts of The Americas, Australia, Asia, etc. Both collections are captivating due to - compared to other reference collections - the large number of originals.

The high-quality estate “Disinfected mail 1831-1865”(Lots 2143-2241)had been family-owned for decades. Exquisite covers, rarities and previously unknown items (e.g. Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Austria, Hungary and Ottoman Empire) will be offered for the first time to the public.

Top of the pile in our 14th auction must be a former exhibition collection(Lots 1-275). Our special catalogue "LUXEMBURG 1852-1880" covers the issues of the classic period of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and features rare multiples, unique mixed frankings, specialties and desirablemint stamps. This collection will be offered in 275 single lots.

Our single lot section is equally impressive and is led by the famous “Yellow Mercury“ (newspaper stamp). This item (Lot 3004) originates from the famous stamp collector Philipp de Ferrari who assumedly once owned the most complete worldwide collection that ever existed. The stamp at hand is among the rarest in the world. An exceptional and singular offer!

Throw in many more outstanding stamps, covers and even coins from all over the world and we are confident that you will find something of interest. We look forward to seeing you at our sale. Best of luck with your bidding!
October 27th - 28th, 2014
Once again we are happy to offer a rich variety of nearly all collecting areas with numerous high quality items. Our estate and collection section is multifaceted and covers all five continents:

The estate of a Frankonian collector includes the 1980, MOSCOW GAMES: 60 + 30 Pfg. issue which was withdrawn due to boycott, in genuinely used condition with additional franking on piece (lot 7983) – a rarity of German Philately and an important piece for specialist collections. Furthermore this estate impresses with a beautiful section of field postal stamps of World War II which includes rare multiples, interesting covers and searched issues as well high class issues of the Soviet zone – An unusual offer which delighted even our experts.

Following the success of the Baden and overseas’ collection we are happy to offer Part II (lots 1 to 127) from the estate of the late stamp expert Georg Richter (1874–1960) in our 15th auction. This part covers the cancelled classic issues (ca. 1840–1910) of Europe, impresses with its above-average quality and is offered mainly as one-country collections. Furthermore SCHLEGEL offers – after the good results and the spirited bidding in the 14th auction – a second part of disinfected mail.This section of the family-owned archive features previously unknown usages, fine cancellations and remarkable items for the postalhistoric market (Austrian Empire and the Balkans).

Another interesting section must be our AUSTRIA CLASSIC section which is led by the estate (lots 201–369) of the late director of the National Museum in Prague, Josef Kafka (1858–1929) and will be offered for the first time: Exceptional classic collection with a variety of unusual frankings and cancellations
Upcoming Auctions:
April 20th - 21st, 2015
16th Schlegel Auktionshaus Auction