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Viennafil Auktionen
VF Auktionen GmbH
Auerspergstr. 2/4A
A-1010 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0)1 405 1457
Fax: +43 (0)1 4051457-14
About Us:

The Viennafil team is made up from 3 professional philatelists: Kurt Cologna, Michael Stauder and Uwe Steier.  Mr Steier was working for a well know Austrian auction house for over 10 years and is also certifier for Austria 1850-1937. Mr Cologna and Mr Stauder are managing directors of the well know stamp company Monster from Bolzano.

Order and Shipping:

1.    The auction will be conducted in order and account of the consignor.
2.    Participation means acceptance in full of the Terms of Auction, considered as known of VF Auktionen GmbH by the Purchaser.
3.    The auctioneer reserves the right of combine, to separate or withdraw lots.
4.    The lots are described with greatest care and to the best of the Auctioneer’s knowledge. The catalogue illustration prevails as regards the margin, centring, separation and postmark of the stamps. We guarantee the authenticity of all single lots sold at our auction. Claims concerning quality and authenticity of single lots must be made immediately by the Buyer being personally present. In the case of written bids for single lots, claims must be made in writing within eight days after receipt of the goods.
The time-limit for making a complaint is considered as exceeded if the lots in question have not been taken over within the period prescribed. In case of any complaint the buyer must prove that the description in the catalogue is wrong. In the case of collections or
collective lots containing two or more stamps which are not described individually, no claims will be accepted regarding quality and authenticity. Complaints must also be refused if the stamps are not returned in the original condition, or if they have been altered afterwards by the Buyer, except in the case of marks made by a recognised expert who is responsible for his errors. In case of
certificated stamps, the purchaser shall accept as binding the certificates referred to in the lot description, in particular also the certificates in regard to the authenticity, the quality of lots and the integrity of the certificates in regard to their contents. Any other liability on the part of the auctioneer is excluded. In the event  of a complaint concerning authenticity of non-certificated stamps the proof of any
forgery must be furnished by means of a certificate from a competent expert. The costs of re-certificating shall be borne by the seller, if the complaint is justified.

5.    The hammer price is payable in Euro. The minimum bidding increments are as follows:

to € 100               € 5
from €   100 to €    300   € 10
from €   300 to €    600   € 20
from €   600 to €  1.200    € 50
from € 1.200 to €  2.600    € 100
from € 2.600 to €  5.000    € 200
from € 5.000 to € 10.000    € 500
from € 10.000 to € 25.000    € 1.000
from € 25.000 to € 50.000    € 2.500
over € 50.000    € 5.000

Written bids which are higher than the best bid of a Bidder present will be considered carefully and in the Bidder’s interest but without prejudice. In the case of two or more identical bids, the first bid received will be deemed to be the successful bid.
VF Auktionen GmbH declines all liability  and accepts no complaints in the event of negligence, error, or fault in the execution of written bids. VF Auktionen GmbH also declines all liability towards those who participate in the auction by telephone or online (Internet) for any
errors that might occur before or during the connection itself.
6.    The lots will be sold to the highest Bidder upon three calls. The Buyer shall pay a commission of 22% added to the hammer price.
Bidders are bound to their bids if a subsequent higher bid is invalid or immediately refused by the Auctioneer.
Per each lot are to pay 3 Euro. The costs for shipment and insurance will be clearly invoiced.
7.    Difference taxation:
If the consignment comes from a private person resident in the EU, the commission for buyers within the EU amounts 22% (incl. 20% VAT).
Full amount of VAT applicable ("§" following the lot number):
If the consignment comes from private persons not resident in the EU-countries or from dealers, the commission for buyers within the EU
amounts 22% commission and on the total resulting there from 20% VAT is added.
8.    Upon the fall of the Auctioneer’s hammer, a sales contract is entered into between the Auctioneer and the Bidder. The Buyer is obliged to accept the goods. The lots are sold in the condition in which they are at the moment of the knock down. The risk passes to the Buyer with
the fall of the hammer; title of ownership, however, passes to the Buyer only after full payment of the total amount due.
9.    Unless mutually agreed otherwise, payment of the auction bill from purchasers present at the auction is due immediately in cash. From purchasers who have submitted a bid in writing, payment is due within 10 days after receipt of the goods. Defaulted payments shall bear
an interest charge of 1% a month.
10.    Shipment, usually by registered mail or letter of value, of the goods shall be fore the sole cost and risk of the purchaser or recipient. The minimum cost for shipment and insurance  are:

Austria € 7
Europe € 10

Clients from abroad will have to observe all applicable laws and regulations in respect of foreign exchange, custom duties and taxation of their country. Insurance regulations require that losses or damage in shipment be reported to us immediately.
11.    Place of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction for both parties is Vienna, we reserve the right, however, to sue a defaulter at his place of residence. Only the German text has legal force.

Abkürzungen - Abbreviations - Abbreviazioni

**    Postfrisch    Never hinge    Nuovo con gomma originale ed integra
*    Ungebraucht mit Falz oder entfalzt    Unused with original gum    Nuovo con linguella o traccia di linguella
(*)    Ohne Gummi    Unused without original gum    Senza gomma o rigommato
     Gebraucht    Used    Usato
∆    Briefstück    On piece, fragment    Frammento
We accept the following pay options:

Nachnahme, VISA-Card, Euro-Schecks, US-$ Schecks, Überweisung

Auction Results at Philasearch:
September 20, 2008
Rarity auction sale during the Vienna international philatelic exhibition 2008. High valued selection of rarities from all over the world. Well worth to mention is an excellent selection of Mongolian mail. Live bidding through is available.
May 14, 2010
international auction sale including the sale with strong sections of issues from Austria and Italy
Dezember 11, 2010
international auction sale including the sale with strong sections of issues from Austria and Italy
June 3, 2011
International auction with strong section in Germany and Territorries as well as Zeppelin and Air mail.
December 10, 2011
International auction with strong section in Germany and Territorries as well as Austria and Italy
May 11-12, 2012
Auction specialized on issues from Austria, Italy and Germany, Auction includes specialized collection "Fabius" of old italian states.
October 5-6, 2012
In our autumn auction approximately 1900 lots will be sold with the following focus:

Postal History:
-          Old Italy with Lombardy-Venetia
-          Montenegro
-          Austria 1850-1900

-          Old Italy States including many rarities,
-          Rare cancellations of the Austrian Empire,
-          Pressure characteristics of the 2nd republic
February 8-9, 2013

In our February auction approximately 2300 lots will be sold with the following focus:

Postal History:
-          Sardinia,
-          Old Italy with Lombardy-Venetia,
-          DDSG,
-          Austria 1850-1900

-          Old Italian States including many rarities,
-          Fiume,
-          Italian Occupation II Worldwar,
-          Austria 1850-1950,
-          Austrian Levante,
-          Liechtenstein and Switzerland,
-          British Commonwealth.


June 7-8, 2013
The highlights of this auction are the multi-award winning exhibition collection "Collezione Treviso", a postal history collection of the Province of Treviso of the 1850-1865 issues, and many proofs of Austria from the period 1945 - 1955 unknow until now.
In our June auction ca 2100 lots come under the hammer with the focus on:
Postal History:
- Lombardy Venetia,
- Italian Empire,
- Old Italy

- Italy with colonies
- Austria 1850-1950,
- Austrian Levant,
- German colonies

November 8th - 9th, 2013
The two highlights of the November auction are the collections of "British occupation of the Italian colonies in Africa" and "Italian Air Mail".
The auctions holds approximately 2,700 lots from the following areas:

Postal History:
- Italian colonies (over 200 lots),
- Italian air mail (100 lots),
- Old Italy with Lombardy Venetia (approximately 400 lots)
- General air mail (approximately 160 lots)

- Austria with side territories (approximately 500 lots)
- Europe

- About 300 collections from private hands with emphasis on Italy
March 15th, 2014
The highlight of the March auction is the collection of "Printing specialities" from the 2nd Republic of Austria.
The auction includes over 2000 lots with the following focus areas:

Postal History:
- Italian colonies (over 150 lots),

- Austria printing specialities (100 lots)
- Austria general (about 850 lots)
- Europe and Germany (about 250 lots)
- Oversea (about 100 lots)

- About 200 collections from private hands with emphasis on Austria and Germany
October 3rd-4th, 2014
international auction offer with strong section Italian and Austrian territorries.
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