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The leading auction house for antique and contemporary art in Lower Bavaria.


Our "Darmstadt Stamp Auctions" will be held 3 times a year.


AB Philea is Sweden's largest Philatelic/numismatic auction house with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg.


AIXPHILA was founded in 1987 and we have conducted 52 auctions in regular intervals (in spring and autumn) to date. AIX-PHILA a name that has been particularly associated with the high sales quotas regularly made ​​with the corresponding growth rates. AIX-PHILA-Auctions have always been among the best-attended events of its kind in Germany and beyond its borders, which is next to the good offers certantly also due to our convenient location in the heart of Europe.

Connected to the auction house are two stores in Aachen and Kaarst and since 2008 - as a result of close cooperation with Hans-Jürgen Steffen (SAARPHILA) - another in Saarbrücken. The team has not changed since the founding of the company which leads to a very good and close relationship with consignors and buyers.


Auction house anticomondo
Toy auctions

Four times a year Cologne is the meeting point for collectors of toys from all over the world. In March, June, September and December toys of all kinds, especially tin toys, model cars, trains and accessory, figures and many more are auctioned. We concentrate on toys
produced in the beginning of the 20th century up to the end of the 60ies. The office and the auctioning hall both are in Cologne, Sürth a small town district in the south of the city.

Our concept is very simple. We avoid spending a lot of money on facilities etc. in order to keep the costs low. Thus, we are able to offer you an unique consignment fee of 12,50 € plus VAT without any provision for the seller. No further costs amount.

Since 2006 customers can also participate on the internet. As a result bidders from more than 50 countries have already participated in our auctions and keep doing so. This guarantees high awards and a satisfied customer and sellership.


We are stamp dealers and auctioneers since 1969 established in several countries with our main office in London, England.


Argyll Etkin buy and sell Stamps, Postal History and Royalty Memorabilia in the Heart of London's West End


We have been sucessfully managing mail order and online auctions since 1996.
Our offers range from militaria from WWI and WWII, medals & decorations, uniforms & headgear, army postal service & literature to 3rd Reich propaganda during our regularly scheduled auctions. You can find postcards and documents, coins and medals; even gold and silver jewelry as well as exhibits of various collection areas.


world leading mail order house for postal stationery and specialist for thematics and postal history


We are Germany's largest mail order business for picture postcards, being in business for over 25 years.


Auction house for arts HEICKMANN KG have been in business for more than 20 years conducting antiques auctions covering any imaginable collecting field from Chemnitz/Saxonia, Germany.


Company information on KIEFER rare books

In 1979, Peter Kiefer founded, inspired by his passions for collecting antiquarian books, the Antiquarian Bookshop Peter Kiefer. After the turnover and the number of regular customers had risen continuously over the years, the first auction catalog was published in 1985.

The number of auctions has increased steadily so that by now, the auction house Kiefer has 16 employees and covers 1800 sqm .

We represent our customers on national and international antiquarian fares. Moreover, we are present on all relevant internet sites.

Due to our organisational structure, we are able to face new challenges besides our regular 3 book and art auctions. For example, in 2000, we auctioned off about 60.000 items of a Southern German prince's library, one year later we carried out a special auction with 16.000 cookbooks from Rolf Dittmar's collection. Lateron, we organised ajewelery auction on behalf of the tax office of Pforzheim.

The dissolution of the monestary "Zum Heiligen Grab" in Baden-Baden in 2003and the auction of the entire fittings (furniture, carpets, housewares, library, etc.) on behalf of the bishopric of Freiburg constituted a highlight. The fact, that this was the first time, a monestary's fittings were auctioned off publically, is even more impressing.

Moreover, in 2004, we organised and co-financed the "Salvador Dali - Das Goldene Zeitalter" Exhibition with 800 exhibits in Schloss Bruchsal. With a duration of three months and more than 60.000 visitors, the exhibtions was a hugh success.


We present 5 auctions per year from estates and private consignments:

Silver - Jewellery - glass - porcelain - ceramics
Painting - Graphics - Oriental rugs - Sculptures - Furniture
from different periods of art deco from Baroque to Biedermeier.


Purchase and sale, auctions of all art & antiques, household and business liquidations.


We are a traditional auction house for antique toys with over 25 years of experience.
Here you will find an interesting and high-quality selection of antique toys.
Our performance and experience is your gain.


We are a specialized auction house and dealer in stamps, picture postcards and postal history. We stock also many covers and cards sorted by region or topic.


The auction house Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG was founded 1976 in Düsseldorf. Established and owned by Ulrich Felzmann, it is one of leading german auction companies. The company conducts three major auctions for stamps and coins each year. With additional specialized auctions such as the 2009 IBRA auction, the 2011 "Excelsior Collection" coin auction and regular auctions for Zeppelin and air mail, the auction house secured a spot among the best companies of this sector.


Auction house Veuskens will always attach great importance to its tradition. For over 200 years we have maintained our merchant tradition directly from generation to generation. We have also been auctioning stamps and coins since 1986. Professionally versatile philatelists and numismaticians hold four auctions each year that have been drawing popularity nationally and internationally.


For many years we have been conducting special "blind auctions" which constantly grow in popularity. Every lot will have a starting price of five Euros. Without knowing the other customers' bids, every customer is able to bid according to their own appraisal. Once all bids are collected the highest bid wins the item. This is the ideal opportunity to make advantageous purchases and close small gaps in your collection.

Justified by our success! Please do join us!


For over 20 years we haven been a reliable and competent partner when it comes to the handling of entire estates, high-quality collections, individual objects and insolvencies.


For over 20 years we have been a reliable and competent partner when it comes to the handling of entire estates, high-quality collections, individual objects and insolvencies.


Selected range of art and antiques of the 16th - 20th century jewelry, silver, porcelain, pottery, paintings, icons, works on paper,
clocks, sculptures, Baroque and Biedermeier furniture. Traditionally focused on Worpsweder painters like Hans am Ende, Otto Modersohn, Heinrich Vogeler, Udo Peters and North German art. 2-3 auctions a year.


Burda  Auction. 
Philatelic Auctions, Buying and Selling


Every two months, in the heart of New York City, Cherrystone holds a major international auction sale, featuring over 3,000 lots including: Important Rarities, Postal History and elusive items of the world.


We are one of Europe's leading auction houses. Our regular major auction sales include a large selection of classic and modern rarities as well as important collections. We will help and consult you for in all philatelic questions. Experience over decades and absolute discretion.


The Online Auction from Germany's fist stamp shop on the WWW.


The online auction by Germany's first stamp shop on the WWW.


Corbitts - dealers and auctioneers of postage stamps of the world, coins, medals and banknotes, autographs, postcards and cigarette cards.


Corinphila Auctions Ltd. is one of the world's leading auctioneers specialising in first-class stamp auctions. Our discerning international clientele has put its trust in us since 1925.

Our site offers live auction bidding. Partner in the Global Philatelic Network


Corinphila Veilingen is one of The Netherlands' leading auctioneers specialising in first-class stamp auctions. Our discerning international clientèle has put its trust in us since 1974.

Live auction bidding. Partner in the Global Philatelic Network.


Cortrie Specialized Auction Sales

3 annual auctions for banknotes, coins, emergency money and decorations.


Cortrie Watches and Jewelry Auction Sales


Specialized trade for documents, stamps and postcards ranging from Former German States to overseas. We always have tens of thousands of documents and cards ready in stock.
Please also note our semi-annual CR Stamp Auctions. We participate in all major stamp shows in Germany. Visit us.


We are the leading and the only specialized dealer in China and Asian stamps in Scandinavia. Since 1995 we have sold many rare stamps and postal history items for our very satisfied customers. We arrange 2 or 3 auctions every year.


A Division of Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions LLC
America's Oldest Philatelic Auction House


David Feldman SA, one of the world’s leading philatelic auction houses, and holder of world records such as the highest price ever achieved for a philatelic item and the highest price ever for a single stamp, opened offices in New York City in 2009 and has been conducting public auctions there under the name David Feldman USA. Now with the opening of offices in Hong Kong, David Feldman has grown into a global philatelic auction house.


David Feldman SA, one of the world’s leading philatelic auction houses, and holder of world records such as the highest price ever achieved for a philatelic item and the highest price ever for a single stamp, opened offices in New York City in 2009 and has been conducting public auctions there under the name David Feldman USA. Now with the opening of offices in Hong Kong, David Feldman has grown into a global philatelic auction house.


David Feldman SA, one of the world’s leading philatelic auction houses, and holder of world records such as the highest price ever achieved for a philatelic item and the highest price ever for a single stamp, opened offices in New York City in 2009 and has been conducting public auctions there under the name David Feldman USA. Now with the opening of offices in Hong Kong, David Feldman has grown into a global philatelic auction house.


David Feldman SA, one of the world’s leading philatelic auction houses, and holder of world records such as the highest price ever achieved for a philatelic item and the highest price ever for a single stamp, opened offices in New York City in 2009 and has been conducting public auctions there under the name David Feldman USA. Now with the opening of offices in Hong Kong, David Feldman has grown into a global philatelic auction house.


Siegfried Deider is an official sworn auctioneer and has been a professional philatelist for more than 50 years, including some years as a manager with several renowned companies. 1985 he established his own company which has now conducted more than 50 successful auctions.

Twice a year we publish elaborate catalogues to showcase the entrusted collections and estates.


The stamp department of the Dorotheum has a roughly 100-year tradition and manages a wide range of classic and modern stamp issues from Europe and overseas. High-quality single and complete sentences, interesting cancellations, franking, flight and post-Zeppelin are represented as well as rare historical postcards and mail fraud.


The auction house Dr. Wilhelm Derichs was founded 1957 in Cologne. Since 1988 it is run by Roland Meiners. The subsidary in Berlin exists since 2007. The company is one of the leading auction firms for stamps and became famous for important "named sales".


The auction house Dr. Wilhelm Derichs was founded 1957 in Cologne. Since 1988 it is run by Roland Meiners. The subsidary in Berlin exists since 2007. The company is one of the leading auction firms for stamps and became famous for important "named sales".


Bonn-based auction house Dr. Reinhard Fischer's auctions take place six times a year with each auction holding anything close to 8,000 lots - stamps and coins. The company has been established in 1984 and auctions are conducted since 1991. It is solely owned by its founder.


In addition to our auctions we also have an online store:
Over 35,000 items speak for themselves.
The team at Drei Löwen GmbH wishes you a great time browsing through our items.


we guarantee:
- 53 years business experience, 2 annual auctions
- fair buyers and sellers commission
- exact and timely sellers settlement after the auction
- every lot can be viewed online


Company history

Since the year 1840, when stamps began to fascinate mankind, millions of collectors throughout the world have spent much of their time with these little precious, colourful objects. The habits and the preferences of the collectors have been changing continuously, depending on the current trends.

Some topics became suddenly popular, while others were neglected and forgotten.

The ability to sense and respond to these changing trends, combined with the highest level of expertise are unconditional prerequisites for anyone wishing to operate successfully in this specialised field.

When in 1929 Edgar Mohrmann, a businessman from Lübeck, Germany, founded a stamp auction company nobody could forsee that his firm would gain international recognition within a decade, despite all the political upheaval and world instability at that time.

After 180 auctions over the past 70 years, where many valuable rarities have changed hands, a specialised market-place now exists in which both buyers and sellers can have the upmost confidence.

Edgar Mohrmann's work  has helped the stamp to become known as "the small man's investment shares".

In 1962 the well known magazine "Der Spiegel" dedicated a 12 page cover story to Edgar Mohrmann.

After his death in October 1964 the company was run by other well-known names in the branch, such as Wolfgang Jakubek, Manfred Mylius and Ekkehard Lambrecht all of whom were fascinated by and dedicated to this field.

Today the firm is being run in the same tradition by Hans-Peter Bahr.

70 years after the company began, it is still a market leader and its name stands for good auction results, professionalism and discretion.


Monthly stamp auction sales


Oldest spanish stamp shop since 1915


Regular auction sales with strong sections of all Swiss areas including postal history. Also offers from European and overseas countries.


The company Gebrüder Michel Nachf. is back on the market since 2010 under the ownership of Bernd Rosolski.
Two annual auctions take place.
On our website you can find more information about our company, the catalog and a stock list.


Gert Müller auctions has been established in 1951 and ever since been on the market with sophisticated philatelic offers. Numerous collections of well renowned philatelists have been dissolved and auctioned during these decades. Many are well worth mentioning, for example former German union stamp inspector Lutz Maigatter's special collection of Sowjet Occupation Zone hand postmarks.


Since 1995 our company is situated within the picturesque estate of Bernstorf near Kranzberg and Freising. 
Where among other cultural events our regular art and antique auctions take place in a modernized two storage building.
Our auctions are always carefully prepared by focusing on the variety of quality objects offered for sale by regional and international clients. 


H.R. Harmer was founded in 1940. In 1946, H.R. Harmer Inc. of New York was selected to sell the late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s stamp collection. This represented the first of many important landmark auctions conducted by the firm. Partner in the Global Philatelic Network.


International offer including a large section of lots and collections


For more than 30 years, Ehrengut brothers Hubert and Thomas have been running the HBA Hanseatische Briefmarkenauktionen auction house with two floor auctions on international scale in the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg, Germany. In this period HBA evolved into the leading auction house for stamps in North Germany. Our extensive service range that comprises viewing, estimates, on-location take-over of goods, professional processing by our philatelists and numismatic specialists in order to display each lot in a full-color high quality catalogue next to a detailed description is our top priority. Our untouched private estates that bear great potential for every collector are among our most required goods. Each auction has a solid base of excellent high quality single lots.


California based auction house with an excellent offer of scarce material from all over the world.

Our office is located 40 miles north of San Francisco.

  • Approximately 2000 lots per auction
  • Approximately 600-700 U.S. lots per sale
  • Large selection of individual and worldwide lots for the collector
  • Extensive collections and accumulations for the dealer
  • Reasonable estimates
  • Collector and Estate lots valued from $100 to thousands of dollars
  • Fully illustrated and professionally produced catalogue
  • Virtually all individual lots photographed
  • Postal viewing available, including larger lots
  • California subscription of 2 catalogs a year including prices realised for $20
  • Phone bidding available


Auctions for picture postcards, covers and postal stationery


Germany's Oldest Stamp Auction House, founded in 1913.
Partner in the Global Philatelic Network.


Hellman Auctions Ltd holds two public auctions every year and each sale offers 2000-2800 expertly described lots. Auctions include always a lot of worldwide postal history, mainly in intact lots and collections and also as single items. Foreign section includes lot of collections and lots mainly from estates. Every sale has a strong selection of Russia, Baltic States and Finland in various sections. There are both large and small lots and looking through the sale will give you an opportunity to find many interesting and unusual items.


I am pleased to present a beautiful auction with some classic and modern rarities as well as a nice selection of estates, collections and single lots. I advise without obligation and free of charge in all philatelic and related issues. Absolute discretion.


Hodams Mail Oder is a small company that has been on the market since 1993. A selection of German postal stationery consisting of at least 50 pages is issued monthly. Hall auctions are held twice a year.


Hungary's stamp market is currently in a situation of change. "Hungarofila international stamp auctions" is to appear on the market soon again – honoring established Hungarofila principles and business guidelines – managed by the company known as STAMPCOIN KFT. Our staff consists of both familiar (management by Katalin Cserhalmi-Szűcs philatelically supported by Stefan Talas) and new faces not unknown to philatelists (László Filep, judicially authorized expert for stamps, and Pál Altner).


Hong Kong-based Interasia Auctions is a pre-eminent auctioneer of China and Asian stamps and postal history.


"Jean-Paul Bach AG" undoubtedly took the top position of the Swiss stamp mail order business over the years until today. Four to five fixed price sales  each holding around four to five thousand lots from all over the world and ten additional special offers are being handled by this highly productive company each year.


Stamp and coin auctions in Cologne


Founded in 1977, John Bull Stamp Auctions is widely regarded as the world leader in Chinese and Asian philately. John Bull enjoys an unsurpassed reputation for integrity and customer service, in addition to being the oldest philatelic auction house in Hong Kong.
Partner in the Global Philatelic Network.


Wir machen Ihre Kunstwerke zu Kapital.
Unsere Experten stehen Ihnen mit fundiertem Wissen und langjähriger Erfahrung jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung Ihre Kunstobjekte zu schätzen. Dieser Service ist im Hinblick auf Einlieferungen unverbindlich, kostenlos & diskret. Bei einer größeren Anzahl von Objekten, insbesondere bei Möbel oder ganzen Sammlungen, kommen unsere Experten auch gerne vor Ort.

  • Ihre Kunstwerke und antiken Schätze sind durch uns erfolgreich national und international vermarktbar.
  • Unser großzügiges Auktionshaus strahlt eine einmalige Anziehungskraft aus. In insgesamt fünf unterschiedlichen Ausstellungsräumen verteilt auf 2 Ebenen, bieten wir Ihnen aus unserem umfangreichen Angebot ständig      Antiquitäten und Kunstgegenstände zum Sammeln, Einrichten und als Wertanlage an.
  • Kommen Sie vor Ort, lernen Sie unsere Vorzüge kennen und erleben Sie aus erster Hand die Einzigartigkeit und Qualität antiker und moderner Kunstwerke.
  • Unser Haus steht für ausgewählte Schmuckstücke aller Epochen und Stilrichtungen.
  • Profitieren auch Sie von der moderaten Flucht in Sachwerte.


Tradition since 1919
Consignments are always welcome.
Competent advice noncommittal and free of charge.
Non-stop purchase of stamps, coins, collections and estates.
Consulting for community of heirs and estimates for inheritance.
Benefit from our experience since 1919.


America's Oldest Philatelic Auction House


We organize two auctions every year with a wide range of rare postcards from all areas of Philately


Established in 2010 and located in the heart of a medieval castle village, our house specializes in art and auctions.

Our extensive array of goods includes antiques such as paintings, china, glassware, furniture, jewelry, toys, stamps, coins, etc.


Since 2001 we hold auctions for postcards, trading card albums and material about local history as well as history in general. With our 18th auction we entered the online auction business. Please do not hesitate to contact us about consignments with interesting material. We would also like to arrange a purchase of bigger lots and stocks.


LUGDUNUM PHILATELIE was founded in January 1990 by Thierry LALLEVEE


MAR Historical, a German specialized dealership.


Buying and Selling Stamps for Collectors since 1969.


Since 3 years we have regular auction sales. We offer mostly high valued single lots, but there are also many reasonable priced lots and collections


Established 1990, international auctions since 1995

"When it comes to stamps, confidence and security for buyers and sellers are the foremost priorities. That is the only way to ensure long-term success." It is this philosophy that guides company founder Mirko Franke's concept made for longevity.


AB Philea is Sweden's largest Philatelic/numismatic auction house with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg.


Die Firma nordphila  wurde 1971 gegründet, und hat sich auf Fern- und Online Briefmarkenauktionen spezialisiert.

Unser Auktionshaus veranstaltet zur Zeit jährlich 6 Fernauktionen mit gedrucktem Katalog. Die Versteigerungen erfolgen aufgrund fernmündlicher oder schriftlicher (per Post, Fax oder E-Mail) Gebote, so dass alle Kunden die gleiche Chancen haben.

Der Schwerpunkt des Angebotes  liegt bei den deutschen Sammelgebieten (Altdeutschland, Deutsches Reich, Deutsche Kolonien, Deutsche Besetzungsausgaben und Nachkriegsdeutschland) und dem klassischen Europa mit den Schwerpunkten Skandinavien, Frankreich und Schweiz.

Alte Landkarten und alte Stadtansichten ergänzen das philatelistische Angebot.


We have been dealing with German and international postal history for over 20 years. We keep a permanent stock of more than 200,000 letters and cards from the years 1700 to approximately 1960 which is constantly renewed and almost exclusively consists of real used mail. Our strenghts are areas such as airmail, zeppelin mail, fieldpost, censorship and POW mail, colonial philately, meter stamps, topics and entire collections of these areas. Other areas such as vignettes, revenue stamps and literature are also on offer.

Our auction of German and international postal history offers handpicked high quality material at collector friendly prices. 


For decades, Peter Rapp AG has been carrying out extremely successful stamp auctions with exclusive, internationally competetive offers.


Philaclassica AG was founded in 1985 by company owner Martin Eichele.


A company specialized in trading with the former Yugoslavian territories, especially Slovenia.
Two floor auction each year.


Philagenta presents specialized auction sales for various collecting areas.


Live auction simulator


worldwide active dealer and auction house. Constantly buying and selling stamps, covers and collections from all over the world.


Auctioneer and buyer of rarities and major collections of the world.


Postiljonen AB is the international stamp auction house in Scandinavia with 40 years experience from the stamp trade. Today we have offices in Malmö and Stockholm in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark. With participation at all important stamp exhibitions world wide we have constant contact with eminent philatelists, both buyers and sellers, internationally. With an auction turnover of SEK 20-30 million yearly we are one of the most important stamp auction houses in Europe.


Rijnmond stamp Auctions is the largest of all small Dutch stamp auctions.


"ASBIT" is managed by renowned philatelist Tadeusz Ciarkowski who has more than 50 years of experience with stamp collecting and dealing in philatelic goods.

An own collection and the doubles that emerge created the idea of making the hobby a profession and becoming professionally active in the field of philately.

Taking part in numerous philatelic stamp auctions and receiving several awards encouraged me to put these thoughts into practice.

Based on the auction portal there will now be a Polish platform to deal with the trading of philatelic goods.

Firma „ASBIT” jest podmiotem prowadzonym przez znanego filatelistę Tadeusza Ciarkowskiego, mającego 50-letne doświadczenie w kolekcjonowaniu i obrocie walorami filatelistycznymi.

Zbiory własne i ich nadwyżki od dawna były przedmiotem myśli o połączeniu kolekcjonerstwa z profesjonalną sprzedażą walorów filatelistycznych zorganizowanymi w formie przedsiębiorstwa.

Wiele wystaw filatelistycznych i otrzymanych nagród pozwoliło te myśl zbliżyć do rzeczywistości.

W oparciu o portal aukcyjny powstaje oto polska platforma oferująca zbiory filatelistyczne.


We are a very young auction house, we started in 2014, and are only active in Russia at this moment!
We sell stamps and postal history of  the World.
We are always glad for any cooperation.


3 annual stamp auction sales with 15,000 lots each


An international auction house holding quarterly live auctions (phone and online bidders). We offer gold and silver coins from all over the world, rare postage stamps and postal history with a focus on Russian and Ukrainian philately.


International auction company with 6 auctions a year.


Oldest Wuerttemberg stamp auction house


Rölli-Schär AG is a personally managed, independent business with an international reputation.


40 years ago Hans-Jürgen Steffen made his hobby a profession and established a philatelic dealership. Today he owns and is the sole manager of Hans-Jürgen Steffen GmbH, also known as BRIEFMARKENHAUS SAARPHILA. We offer any philatelic service that you can expect from a specialized dealer and focus on holding two remarkable public stamp auctions a year. Lately these auctions feature only the presentation of an extensive SAAR SPECIAL offer while material from other collecting areas is transferred to the AIX-PHILA company in Aachen whose employees process and prepare it for AIX-PHILA auction catalogs and its web shop.


We are the first stop in Berlin when it comes to stamps and guarantee quality and reliability. Please come and convince yourself at one our of auctions held twice a year.


Our long-established Nuremberg auction house offers 5 annual actions with a wide range of items for every collector and budget. Our longtime experience and the friendly and personal service from our staff brought us a large and satisfied customer and consignor base. Whether you want to auction or sell off your treasures directly, we are your competent and trustworthy partner in all philatelic matters. Please contact us and arrange an appointment for larger quantities.


One of the leading auction houses in America. We sell rare stamps and covers from all over the world.



For 35 years we have been holding auctions in the „Reichenhof“ in the heart of Hamburg´s prolific Kontorhaus district. During this time many of our international contacts to buyers and consignees alike grew into friendships. 
Today we host five auctions annually and offer collectibles with a total value of over 5 Mill. Euro. 
Hamburg is the most important auction place in Germany - profit from our location and from the know-how we have acquired in over 300 auctions.

We are specialists in the field of German and international postal history, classic collectables, and - outstanding in Germany - philatelic literature. We guarantee expert handling and greatest care.


Traditional Swiss auction house established in 1980 in the heart of Zurich city holding 2 auctions a year.We don't have any limit prices. All lots are auctioned indiviudally. The starting prices are set moderately and hammer prices are generally about three times as high.


SOLER y LLACH Subastas Internacionales, S.A. was founded in October 1989 by two families closely linked to the world of collecting: Filatelia Llach and Filatelia Soler.

Filatelia Llach was created by Eugeni Llach in Havana at the end of 1915. Today's third generation is the guarantee of its unarguable professionalism.
It publishes its traditional catalogues of offers at a set price, catalogues of auctions by correspondence and presence on the Internet through its website.

Filatelia Soler was founded in 1975. The great ability and enthusiasm of the Soler brothers, Josep y Ramón, placed the company at the head of the philatelic sector. In 1989, Mauricio Sisó and the Soler brothers created Áureo, a numismatic auction house which, in a short period of time, took over the leadership of the market in coin collecting.

SOLER y LLACH initially specialised in stamp auctions with an international projection.
In 1995, it opened the Department of old books, manuscripts, engravings and maps. In February 2001, it carried out the first exclusive auction of posters in Spain; in June 2003 the first exclusive of "film programmes" and in March 2006, the first exclusive of photographs.

At present, the company, which can be found at C/ Beethoven 13 in Barcelona, is fortunate enough to have far-reaching knowledge and experience in the commercialisation of the collecting of:
Stamps, Postal History, Numismatics, Old books, Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Posters, Film programmes, Postcards and Photographs.
Since 2001, SOLER y LLACH has been a point of reference in collecting on the Internet. Right from the beginning, we have made an effort so that all our articles are offered withQUALITY, SERIOUSNESS AND SERVICE.
All the descriptions on this website have been made by professionals in the sector.


We are Germany's largest mail order business for picture postcards, being in business for over 25 years.


Stamp auction house Thomas Juranek

Your specialist dealer for stamps, covers and picture postcards.

We buy, sell and estimate your single items and collections.


The Viennafil team is made up from 3 professional philatelists: Kurt Cologna, Michael Stauder and Uwe Steier.  Mr Steier was working for a well know Austrian auction house for over 10 years and is also certifier for Austria 1850-1937. Mr Cologna and Mr Stauder are managing directors of the well know stamp company Monster from Bolzano.


The auction house Walter Fuerst Philately is an independent family business, ideally located in Murten on the language border. Our auctions can be conducted multilingual (German, French, English, Russian).


The company Christian Wapler from Berlin is one of the leading auction and mail order houses for topics and thematic philately in the European Economic Area. I run the oldest purely thematic special auctions for covers and cancels (since 1973 regular thematic auctions and price lists). In addition to topics and thematics my Auction House also offers worldwide covers of postal, contemporary and technological history and German inland covers (from Germania until about 1990) from A (Aach) to Z (Zwota).


stamp dealers specialising in the Republics of South and Central America


Every year we conduct four auctions within the halls of the impressively renovated and restored Old Stuttgart Plaster Factory accommodating an international audience on more than 1,000 square meters. Our highlights include but are not limited to applied arts, design and crafted arts. We also specialize on estates and collections. Since 2002 company owner and auctioneer Yves Siebers is pleased to guide you through every auction.
We extend you a warm welcome!


"Öphila", Austria's leading international auction house for classic philately and postal history is located in the heart of Vienna and appeals with its extraordinary quality of philatelic knowledge.