Philatelie Arbeiter
Philatelie Arbeiter
Handels- und Auktionshaus
Inh. Christian Arbeiter
Theatergassen 1
96047 Bamberg
Tel: 0951/21948
Fax: 0951/21952
About Us:

- As a sole trader worldwide activities in the philately market
- 20 years of experience in serving the collector, prominent and private
- Excellent contacts within the international philatelic market
- An outstanding list of clients: members of philatelic societies as well as dealers and wholesaler
- You can find us for over 15 years on national and international stamp shows
- Our own retail store is located in Forchheim (north of Nuremberg/Bavaria)
- We are happy to accept your consignments for our auctions any time (Please do not hesitate to contact Christian Arbeiter directly!)
- Please call us now, if you like to sell your collection
- I am looking forward to hearing from you!
- You can help bring in a new customer? Get an adequate financial reward for your service!

Items at Philasearch:
Order and Shipping: Stamps, Postcards and Covers