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David Feldman US
David Feldman USA 
108 West 39th Street, 8th floor
New York NY 10018
Phone 212-997-9200
Fax 212-997-9222
About Us:

David Feldman SA, one of the world’s leading philatelic auction houses, and holder of world records such as the highest price ever achieved for a philatelic item and the highest price ever for a single stamp, opened offices in New York City in 2009 and has been conducting public auctions there under the name David Feldman USA. Now with the opening of offices in Hong Kong, David Feldman has grown into a global philatelic auction house.

Collectors and professional philatelists can expect the Feldman firm’s unwavering commitment to obtaining the maximum possible results through its renowned friendly and flexible customer service, intelligent promotion and presentation, backed by reliable financial strength.

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